Re: Car overheating, does the overflow cap ever blow off or....

ravage2020 wrote:
> I recently took my car (Hyundai Tiburon 2001) to a dealer mech. for an
> overheating problem.. He stated that the thermostat in the radiator was
> bad and was replaced. I drove the car 60 miles on highway the next day
> and all was fine. The day after that I was driving locally and it over
> heated, I pulled over and saw that I was trailing antifreeze and it had
> puddled under my car.
> When I popped the hood I saw that the overflow cap was sitting on the
> side of the container,, not on the overflow tank. all of the
> antifreeze had leaked out of the overflow onto everything and onto the
> ground.
> Now my question, could this have been a mechanic error and they didn't
> replace the cap correctly or not at all. Or could something else cause
> the car to overheat to the point where the overflow cap was blown off
> in the process.

It is possible that the overflow tank was overfilled and that when the
engine got hot that it blew the cap off. This does not necessarily
mean that anything is amiss... another name for an "overflow tank" is
"expansion tank" as this is a perfectly normal process.

> Other question, will the antifreeze that leaked onto various hoses etc.
> eat through said hoses or is that nothing to worry about/

Not really. If it bothers you wipe everything down with a damp rag.

good luck