Re: No CD for NR2003 (my CD split)

"Tony Rickard" <tony.rickardno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
AdamUK1986 wrote:

Ive downloaded the following

NASCAR Racing 2003 v1.0 [ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE

*Play Instructions:* - Install the game - Full Installation.
- Replace the original *NR2003.EXE* file with the one from the File
- Play the Game!The downloaded file is flt-nrs3.rar, so l replaced the
old one with this
file with no luck. Says insert disc.

Have l done something wrong? Sorry not to great with computers.

Did you extract the .exe file from the .rar file? You need winrar to do

Have you patched the game? If you have, then you'll need the no-cd for the
patched version of N2003. From what you've written, you're using the no-cd
for the unpatched version of the game.



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