98 Saturn sl2 idle/acceleration problem

Hi, I purchased this car from a friend at a very low price about 2
years ago and I noticed from the first day I had it, that it idled
high whenever I would stop. It seems to be much worse when it's cold
or when I have my A/C on. Recently I had my CTS (coolant temperature
sensor) replaced and that seemed to fix the idling issue for about 2
weeks, then it went right back to how it was just a few weeks prior.

Also, within the past few weeks I have noticed some hesitancy in
acceleration when it shifts at around 35-40 mph. If I get on the
highway I can almost floor it, but it doesn't accelerate much at all
and it really lacks power accelerating after a stop. The service
engine soon light will blink a few times and then shut back off.
Because of these two problems, I really hate driving my car even
though it's never broken down on me.

I have looked online and seen multiple solutions to both problems, but
have never seen someone who said they actually worked. I have spoken
to multiple auto mechanics about this and haven't gotten any advice.
Please help!



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