Re: Recommended Mileage for Timing Belt Replacement?

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On Feb 23, 12:49 pm, Tegger <inva...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

But the cost to fix bent valves can double the cost of the belt job, so
there's not a lot of economic sense in trying to extend the belt-change

unless the car is a rust bucket, not worth the cost of a timing belt

I realized--after I replied--that I should have included that factor.

If you don't care if the car dies, there's no point in spending anything on
it outside of the bare minimum. My old '76 Dodge Coronet was in the "don't
care" category, so I'm quite familiar with that concept.

not all of us are emotionally attached to our cars

You mean me personally? I'm nuts, I know. But even nuts has its limits;
I'll eventually let the 'Teg go, one of these days.


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