Re: Civic 86 Timing belt - head removal

Spike McCracken wrote:
HELP - After breaking a timing belt - I discovered, extensive slack in one of the exaust valves - My guess is it is bent as a few of you have pointed out that it's an interference angine and very likey.
So it off with the head. Trouble is this has been bigger then Ben Hur,
I have managed to get the 6 bolts lossening the exaust manifold from the head, but the manifold is held lower by other bolt and I can't move the manifild any more than 1/2". So I try to get the guards of the exhaust and loosten the other bold holding the manifild (to the block?) but the radiator is in the way.
After dismantling the bumper, and removing the air conditioning radiator (without letting the gas out) - I can't work out how to remove the radiator. All this - so I can get at the bolts for the manifold - talk about frustrating, but a least I'm learning.

I have both in & out manifild loose, the 10 head bold removed, and the head is still very held on. What is the best way to shift the head from the block ?? Have I got all the bolts I need released - certainly looks like it.

Thanks Spike

there's mounting brackets on both. one below the exhaust manifold fixes low down on the block. the other directly underneath the carb.