well...even when the car dies and wont start again, the fuel pump still
turns on when i turn the key. i can hear it for the first few seconds
when i turn the key to the ON position. ill go through and check all my
wires and plugs, but i doubt it is bc of those, i just chnaged them all a
couple months ago. so now im leanin towards igniter or ignition switch...
well ill restate whats goin on and give some more details...

the car randomly dies when im driving down the road with no warning at
all. the check engine light and the battery and oil light all turn on,
just like right before turning the car on. then when i stop the car and
try to start it up, it jsut cranks. if i turn the key off then back on, i
can hear the fuel pump prime, so its not the main relay. but then the car
will still nto always start. i still haev power to everythign when the car
dies... radio, lights, heater, everythgin is still on except the engine.
then if i let the car sit for a while, like 10 minuets or so, it starts up
again and will drive for a little bit. the length that it drives when it
starts again seems to depend on how long i let it sit.

thats abotu all i can think of now....i really am lost. any help is
gettin closer to the prob. thanks guys