REQ: advice on '65 coupe restomodding

Hi everyone,

After years of slugging away at an old 6-banger and fixing this and
fixing that, I have made up my mind... I am getting it restomodded.

The car isn't special enough to warrant a restoration and keeping it
original, and I drive it regularly enough during the summer that I want
something more reliable - modern drivetrain and suspension.

I am hoping possibly a few of you here might be able to lend some


- I am hoping for a late model Mustang V8
- not looking for anything over 270-300hp - just becomes too costly to
- something I can dress up with Cobra valve covers
- something that is readily available from a donor car
- something not too expensive

- not looking to drag race but would like to get the most out of modern
5spd stick
- again, I'm happy with a stock setup, I enjoyed my new '96 GT 5spd

- again without going nuts, which GT or Cobra or other rear-end and
what year?

Wheels and tires:
- I am in love with the 2001 Bullitt 5-spoke dark grey wheels
- I don't want to change the profile too drastically, that is, I don't
want wheels sticking outside the fenders, and I don't want too low a
profile, I am hoping for something similar to a standard '65 tire
profile though the 17" Bullitt rims may affect it quite a bit, any
recommendations for tires for these rims?

- I currently have '69 low buckets with headrests and I love them
- I love the '65 Pony interior but not sure I can spring for it yet
- anyone put anything newer in their coupe and have it work nicely?

- I see restomod harnesses on ebay, would figure I probably need an
upgraded harness to handle the electronic requirements of the new
engine... anyone used one of these newer harnesses in an old stang? and
any pointers/cautions?

- I am firm on painting it the original Caspian blue, I have the
Ditzler number somewhere, but would there be a reason not to want an
original colour due to technology in paint types?
- certainly want it clear-coated - or is there any reason not to, or to
choose a specific protective coating?
- really tempted to put white Shelby stripes on the dark blue - just a
thought - it has a white vinyl roof, the striped would be a knockout on

Any other advise...?

I am looking forward to hearing any and all constructive criticism...
and all going well, hope to post progress reports during the winter as
she goes through the process.


Andrew C

Toronto, ON, Canada

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