Re: 2005 Overhaulin' Mustang is for Sale on Ebay

Craig Shaffer wrote:
I you go to the Overhaulin' web site you will see a disclaimer on the
application for a car to be on  the show stating that you are responsible
for the taxes on the value of all the products that go into the cars.  I
don't know if that  is limited to just hardware, or does it include the
design.  What is a Chip Foose Car worth?  Some of the cars on the Speed
Channel's telecast of the Barrett-Jackson were Foose Designs, and they were
going in the 100K range.  Overall just the taxes on a Foose Designed car
would be a bargin, if you had the cash or a good line of credit.

I wonder about the legality of that. The person filling out the application is supposed to be a friend or relative of the owner, not the owner himself. The person filling out the application doesn't receive the taxable benefit so they don't owe the tax, and the owner who receives the benefit never agreed to have the work done. Doesn't seem right to pay for something you never asked for. And its not like when your mechanic installs a part you don't want. The mechanic has the option of removing the offending part if you refuse to pay for it. The show can't just undo everything they did to your car.

I'm sure the owner has to sign a lot of paperwork before they drive away with their 'new' vehicle. I wonder what happens if they refuse to? Does the show have a mechanics lien for the work they performed on a car that they stole? Unless the person who applied to the show is a registered owner of the vehicle, they aren't able to authorize the removal of the vehicle or the work. So as far as I'm concerned, the vehicle was truly stolen. Do you have to pay a car thief for any new parts he adds to your vehicle or pay taxes on that?