Re: Speaker wire to RCA plug adapter?

Hello again,

To answer your question Richard, my replacement speakers have screws that I
put a positive and negative wire through (basically a pair of Cerwin Vega
VS-80 speakers that you connect to a home theatre system) Below is a link
of an
image that shows what type of cable I need.

I need one end to be the two wires, and the other end to be male RCA.

#1 will to into the speaker (speaker wire with two wires)
#2 will go into the powered subwoofer (single male RCA cable)

If I cut that cable in half how will I be able to connect one wire to two?
Kalman Rubinson says that there are two wires inside the single cable. I
just want
to confirm that before I cut away. :)

I hope the picture helps.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for the responses guys.

I do have a question though. You mentioned:

Take a cable with an RCA connector at each end. Chop it
in half, and take the resulting bare wires to connect to each
of the left and right speakers.

The way the Logitech speakers are set up is the following. The left and
right both have their own single male RCA cable that plugs into the
subwoofer amp. So if I were to chop the RCA connector in half I would
two male RCA connections. What I need is to convert the standard two
speaker cable (to connect new speakers) to a single RCA male connector to
plug into the subwoofer amp. Now, if you meant chop it in half the other
way (where there would be only one RCA connector) then how would I
the new speakers via the two wire speaker cable to the single RCA male
cable? It seems like it would be a single wire with no way to separate
positive from the negative.

I hope I'm making sense. Oh and the Logitech speakers aren't self powered
as they are powered by the amp in the subwoofer.

Take a 6-foot cable which has an RCA connector already
attached at each end. 3 feet from the end, cut the cable.
Now you have two 3-foot cables with an RCA connector
at one end, and bare wire at the other end. Strip the bare
wire end and attach the two conductors (one outside and
one inside) it to the black and red screws on your
replacement speakers.

Again, I am asuming that your replacement speakers have
attachment (screws, binding posts, ???) for bare wires
because when I asked you last time, you did not respond.