Replacing the Form in an RE20

I'm venturing into my first experience with replacing the foam in an RE20. What
a mess. The first thing I did was to remove the XLR insert so that I could get
to the Allen screw to remove the bottom base (Ref 3 in the drawing). When I
pulled the insert loose, I broke the wires right at the connector terminals.

After I got the insert out, I was able to remove the Allen screw and remove the
base. The red and green wires from the XLR insert are soldered to the insert on
one end and to terminals on a plate just inside the base. Something has my
mystified. The wires from the XLR insert were wrapped into a tight coil inside
the mic. That means that there is no way (that I could see) to pull the XLR
insert out without breaking the wires. The coil would have to keep the wires
from pulling through.

The insert HAS to be removed to get to the Allen screw. When the Allen screw is
in place, it area where the wires were coiled are inaccessible.

How did EV coil those wires inside the base of the mic? What is the order in
which these mics are assembled in manufacturing?

Cleaning this thing up is a mess. If you have one of these mics that is 10 years
or older, you might want to change the foam in them before they deteriorate
fully. If your mic rattles when you shake it, it's probably too late.

EV, at last check, wants $200 to replace the foam. If I don't get this one put
back together, who is a non-EV repair shop?