On Sat 2012-Jun-09 11:56, Ron Capik writes:
First I can understand dOn P's comments to some extent, but
I can also understand what Don Y is looking for.
YOu note:
For starters one might set up a matrix grid on paper
with sources on one axis and interruptions on the other
then put mix options (over ride, fast duck, deep duck, etc.) in the
boxes. Then see if there are common factors,
somewhat like resolving a logic min-term map.
[Damn, it's been years since I thought about boolean
logic maps.... ]

YEp, that does you good for setting the rules, but then,
that brings up the practicality of implementing the hardware to actually do this once you've set the rules up.

dOn Y can correct me if I'm wrong here, but let's say he's
doing some work in his office, he's got some jazz playing
while he works. HE needs to be alerted to somethign else
that's going on.

Meanwhile, Don's wife is doing some arts and crafts type
stuff elsewhere in the house, and she's listenign to a
classical piece. MEdia server is handling both. She will
need to have the same alert over the music.

An interesting adventure. I'm gald I'm not trying to
implement something like this, but your "matrix" is a
starter for setting rules.

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