OT: WSJ Article about vinyl

I quoted just a bit of the article. The rest of it is here:


Felten does a pretty good job of laying out why vinyl seems to be doing so well. It's not just about sound alone, according to him.


It's Alive! Vinyl Makes a Comeback



"The LP still represents just a sliver of music sales. But last year, according to Nielsen SoundScan data, while CD sales fell by more than 5%, vinyl record sales grew more than 36%."


"Vinyl is decidedly inconvenient, which is the very reason it appeals. To play records, you have to be relatively engaged in the activity. The disc has to be taken off the shelf and out of its sleeve. It has to be placed on the platter. The needle has to be lowered just so. How different that is from the way we've been encouraged to consume music—as a sort of automated aural wallpaper best achieved by a digital playlist in shuffle mode. Vinyl demands—and encourages—more attention. "If I'm cooking or cleaning around the house, I'll plug in the iPhone or play CDs," says Nick Blandford, managing director of the Jagjaguwar record label, home to the indie-folk-rock band Bon Iver. "But if I'm sitting down deliberately to listen to music, I'll listen to vinyl.""