Re: Any recent word on the Behringer X32?

"Mike Rivers" <mrivers@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
well, this is new technology. Probably it was the screen that failed, not
the TV electronics.

Right, but no comfort when you are out of pocket $10k after 4 years or less.

CRTs rarely failed. I have a 19" LCD TV set that cost $179. If it fails in
4 years I won't be all that unhappy. But the Zenith that I've had since
about 1983 is still working.

And my 1989 27" Sony that cost $1600 has LONG since gone to the tip after
being repaired 3 times. I replaced it with a no name $300, 30" widescreen
CRT which is far better than the Sony ever was. (and I was a trintron fan
for many years) So the Sony turned out to be disposable and very expensive
(especially after repair costs!), whilst the no name Chinese set is FAR
cheaper, far better, and still disposable. If I get ten years I will be a
happy man, and that looks very likely now. Even if I had only gotten 3 years
it was still only going to be $100 per year, MUCH less than the Sony cost.
Modern electronics coupled with cheap Chinese manufacture has been a REAL
saving for most people. I'm SO glad I didn't have to pay $1600 again for
another 27" 4:3 CRT!!! When the $300 set fails, there is no way it can be
fixed for less money these days. And there is NO WAY I would have paid $300
to have the Sony repaired in leiu of the brand new 30" widescreen Chinese
one I replaced it with!!!!

I meet so many people who happily pay over $100
per hour to have their car serviced, but expect to get their electronics
fixed for less than $10 per hour.

That's because their cars cost $30,000 and their electronics (with the
exception of large flat screen TVs) cost less than 10% of that.

EXACTLY my point, so do YOU really think the technicians that repair your
electronics are worth 1/10th that of the mechanics who repair your car, just
so you can get them fixed for less than the cost of replacing them with new
Chinese built ones! If you do then you obviously know why you can't find a
competent electronics repair technician to work for that right?

I have no problem with them doing what they want. Most people learn the

Or they don't learn at all,

True for many unfortunately.

or they learn to accept short useful life for low investment cost and the
opportunity to get something with more features for the same cost the next
time around. Some people like that.

Exactly, I can't see the problem. It's nice to have the choice IMO.

I already seem to have a far better handle on it than you, and all the
stupid people you seem worried about. Thanks all the same.

You may understand business (though not better than I do)

Your bloated ego is showing again. :-)

but you don't understand people.

Seems I do, that's why I accept the choices many people currently make and
you bemoan them!

That's not my problem, and obviously not yours either. But if you were in
the business of repairing electronics, I'll bet you'd care, or at least
understand why you can't sustain your business.

Lets get this straight, *I'M* the one who stated all along why it is
uneconomic to repair cheap items in high labor cost countries, and YOU
bemoaned the fact that so many items are disposable these days. IF you have
now seen the light, GOOD, but don't rewrite what I have said to pretend you
are as superior as you like to think you are.
Anyway I'm glad you now appear to agree with what I said all along, you
*can't* sustain a business repairing cheap Chinese electronics, and many
people are happy to have a choice of buying cheap disposable items rather
than not at all.



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