Re: Ditching Audiofire8 - next?

John Albert:

"Nothing mitigates the problem. I'm now suspecting the Audiofire itself. All of the other hardware has been upgraded two or three times."

Hooking it up to a Macintosh will "mitigate" the problem.

The piece of hardware you should be upgrading is the _computer_ (and the OS that it's running on)!

IF you really believe, that hooking the interface up to a Mac running Mac OS is a safe bet against any potential, then you haven´t experienced the Mac OS X driver for Presonus´ Firestudio FW. ;-)
Last summer, the latest driver version from the Presonus website caused the Mac-equivalent of a "blue screen of death" on Windows - with a well-equipped Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. Fortunately, at least the older driver on the included CD somehow works, though seemingly also not reliably stable.
The unit had just been sent in for service and the tech guy said on the phone, that it worked alright with his Windows PC.

Problems can occur with all hard- and software setups... it may just take poorly written drivers.