Re: Tape Hiss removal

On 28 Nov 2009 18:12:16 -0500, Scott Dorsey wrote:

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Michael Dobony <survey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was given a tape to convert to CD. My player is a Pioneer CT-W205R set to
dolby B. The software I originally used is Total Recorder, but I also have
Audacity. The tape is a Magnetics. Any hints on removing or at least
reducing the tape hiss, any addins for Audacity that could help? The tape
level is a little low, record level was at max and nowhere near clipping on
record. Translation: S-N level was a little low on the tape.

1. Make sure the azimuth is correct. If the top end is muffled, you will
lose a LOT of S/N.

Varies with the track. Some are decent, some need work, mostly in the 1-4k
range and some in the under 100 need either boost or cut.

2. Make sure the Dolby levels are correct. If you are losing the top end
at times because the Dolby decoder is mistracking, you will lose a lot of
perceived S/N.

Again, varies with song.

3. Take it to someone with a good multiband hiss reduction system. CEDAR
has a good one. Waves Restoration Bundle has one too.

For the purpose of the transfer, Audacity did an adequate job of noise
reduction. The aforementioned peak restoration plug ins would have been
nice, but I was unable to find any for Audacity. Clipping really only hurts
on one song and would be helpful in about 3 or 4 of the other 14 tracks.
The rest have no noticeable clipping and Audacity doesn't find any,
possibly because the levels are good on the transfer. If I locate them
later I can hit the problem tracks.