Re: Problem with Audacity 1.3.8 (Unicode)

"CJB" wrote...
I have a Toshiba Qomio G30.
I have Audacity 1.3.8 (and also an earlier version). I can record from
say an audio streaming website using the setting for 'Stereo Mix' with
'S/W Play Through' de-clicked. (With this clicked I get echoes.)

However I cannot record using Behringr U-Control UCA202 device.

I have a tape player with a line out port. I connect this to the input
of the U-Control. I make sure that the volume o/p on both is set to
minimal. I connect the USB o/p of the U-Control to a USB port on the

Then I start up Audacity. I select 'S/W Play Through' and 'Line In'
then click on Record then slowly bring up the volume levels of the
tape player and U-Control until both are at maximum - but then -
nothing. It Audacity refuses to record the audio input.

"Line In" is some (real or imaginary) analog input to the sound card.
It is NOT any kind of USB device (like the U-Control dongle, etc.)
Unless you have a source connected to the computer analog Line In
connector, I would expect it to behave exactly as you describe.

Somewhere you must select the USB gadget, NOT "Line In".