Re: recording and apparent intonation

Peter Larsen wrote:

Go get some tuners to get the instruments absolutely correct. It is
important for the care of the instruments that they are used to being in
tune, it is my conviction that the wood resonances will adapt.

Once the open strings are in tune, practice playing--individually and as a
group--with the tuner playing the tonic drone of whatever piece you're
working on. Learn to hear what the intervals sound like when they're in
tune. This takes time, but even 10-15 minutes' practice a day will quickly
make a big difference.

Don't try to "play the tuner" by following the needle. That will not yield
the long-term results needed.

Intonation is a constant problem, to greater or lesser degree, for all
instrumentalists and ensembles. Recordings don't falsify intonation. Not a
happy thought, but nonetheless the truth.


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