Re: Wide-eyed n00b mixer question

Laurence Payne wrote:

By the reverb having a wet/dry control. Used as an insert the whole
signal passes through, you bleed in as much reverb as required. Used
as an insert you set 100% wet and use the Aux Return control to decide
how much effect gets used. Or you can return to a channel, allowing
fuller control.

I think I prefer the idea of using it as a send effect - although I'm mainly
looking for an overall reverb effect that I can change to give the
impression of a different place, I still like the idea of being able to
control it at the channels.

It has since occurred to me that I don't need to fiddle with the levels of
the aux sends to mimic the dry signal's pan setting. The actual pan of each
instrument is set long before the mixer, in the MIDI sequencer, so all
signals that get to the reverb will do so already panned as desired. I just
set my input channel pans hard left and right, and keep all the aux send
pairs at the same level. Aux return (from 100% wet reverb) comes into a
stereo channel, which lets me mix in the amount of reverb I want.

Just been looking at the Soundcraft M series - these have 4 stereo ins, 4
aux sends, and 4 separate stereo aux returns. It looks like the aux sends
are still mono, so I'm wondering if my concern about stereo FX send to
reverb is me being retentive in my relative ignorance of the subject - do I
really need it? The M8 looks like an interesting proposition at around 300
quid. (I know. My budget is in tatters.)

Is this still about recording that piano which you haven't learnt to
play yet? :-)

See my reply to Peter for clarification of intended uses. In addition to the
stuff about recording my own music to make it available online, and to play
in Second Life, there's always the faint possibility that I might play some
piano pieces one day. Should that ever happen, I want to be sure that the
piano sound that I get is as good as I can reasonably manage. For messing
about with piano recordings, I should be able to send the mixer's record
o/ps to the minidisk recorder - mics already plugged in and set up, I just
check the mixer settings and hit record on the minidisk.

As for the piano playing, I've got to about bar 25 of Bach's Prelude No1 in
Cmaj. :-) And my messing about is improving - I'm finding it easier to jam
a solo over a couple of slow left-hand chords. Getting a better feel for
hitting whatever intervals I'm hearing in my head. Haven't jammed much with
recorded music yet, which I suspect will sound messier than when I have
control of the accompaniment.

Things are always clearer in the cold, post-upload light.


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