Re: RIP Stephen St. Croix

Over the years that I have been using the Paris system, I have befriended a
number of folks who knew him well.

I did not know him personally.

The following text was clipped from an e-mail that was sent by Steven's wife
to a mutual friend and forwarded to me last Sunday to be shared where
Steven died in his sleep early this morning after a couple of truly
peaceful days. He woke once, Thursday evening, and found himself
surrounded by friends and family. He talked sleepily with all of us,
understood he was deeply loved, and told us he had been flying in a
wonderful and amazing place without pain. He woke again early Friday
morning and was as clear, strong, and aware as he had been in his
healthiest days. He told me he had been in "a place beautiful beyond
my life," told me he wanted to die and go back there, and fell into a
final sleep.

The world is a poorer place without him. Please carry him in your
thoughts, hearts, and prayers.

Thank you all for being there for him and for me.

The description of his las few hours is an inspiration.


"Walt" <walt_askier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ty Ford wrote:

Raise a glass and drink one down.

What happend? Any details?

I haven't read him in years, but when I used to get Mix his column was
always the first thing I'd read.



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