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Well, she's gone and done it now, for Hillary.

And Hillary has tossed another one under the bus.

You know how I feel about the bitch (hiilary, not Geraldine)
but i got to say that she can't win with you either way.
If she didn't dump her you would be even more livid.

Wrong, Geraldine was being honest.

that has nada to do with the issue ofA whether Clinton dumped her.
so, you are telling me that id Clinton didn't dump her, you would
have complained.
I have trouble believing that.

I look forward to Obama winning the dem primary and then
imploding over the Rezko conviction.
I don't see how someone who bought his house in partnership
with a convicted influence peddler can make it to the white

'And while his name is likely to surface at some point, if only
because $10,000
of the money that Mr. Rezko is accused of extorting wound up in Mr.
2004 Senate campaign, there is no sign that the senator was
in any
wrongdoing or will otherwise be caught up in the case.'

 All true but this comment is limited to the trial.
 It omits Obamas personal dealings with Rezko to buy his Chicago
I don't think America is ready to put associates of convicted felons
in the white house even if the media is.


Well, there goes McCain then.  Hello President Nader, huh?

Provide some substance to these obscure accusations.


Do you know about the Keating case?

 Reliable unbiased references are hard to come by for a case so old.

It is clear and obvious that McCain was an "associate of a convicted
felon".  He took campaign money, he rode in the guy's jet several times,

But it was over 20 years ago. Obama's transgression are a
bit more recent. Neither look good for the candidates and
neither gets a free pass to the high road.
Sad when one consideration is to decide who is tainted less.