Note to paul packer

Here's a kind of charity even you can afford to dole out.

Jenn said:

Name-calling is the best you can do?

"The pre-requisite lobotomy ensures that."
Arny, exactly 1 min. before posting the above.

Arny, I promise that this is the last time I'll post in this way, other
than when you personally attack me. I'm trying to help, really. Based
on the above, do you see why people are critical of you here? The
"persecution" that you complain about is brought on by your "what's
good for the goose can be ignored by the gander" attitude and actions.

See how sweetly Jenn phrases her comment so as to completely mask the

Please, for your own happiness, consider this. I think that you're
probably a good person, but you seem to have a blind spot in this area.
Best wishes to you.

Arnii Krooger is "probably a good person". Far out, man!

I believe Jenn could sweet-talk a used car dealer into giving full NADA
value on a trade-in.

A day without Krooger is like a day without arsenic.