Re: Autoformers - What's the Deal?

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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering what people's opinions were on the famous (or
infamous?) McIntosh autoformers, i.e., whether you think they are
useful, how they change the sound you hear, et cetera. I've heard some
people say they like the sound of the MC7200, for example, which is a
direct-coupled amp without autoformers.

**Solid state amps do not require autoformers. Adding them is pretty much
like a backyard mechanic bolting a fifth wheel to a Porsche and expecting
better performance. Autoformers can ONLY damage performance of an amp. They
cannot help in any way.

I have a Mac 2300, Mac 2200 (both have autoformers), and a Mac 2002 (no
autoformers), but have not yet done side-by-side comparisons. It
probably would be most interesting (and fair) to compare the 2200 and
2002, since they have the same rated power, but differ mainly in the
presence/absence of autoformers (2200 has 'em, 2002 doesn't...cue
music..."Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't!")

**It would be fair, IF both amps used otherwise identical topology and power
supply capacity. The only difference being the autoformers. If there are
other differences, then all bets are off.

Trevor Wilson

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