Re: Unbiased Listening

paul packer wrote:

On 22 Feb 2006 05:39:21 -0800, "124"
<rooggadsee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You, paul packer, Robert, and Paul B are beginning to sound a little
like objectivists. And, as Martha might say, that is a good thing.
Beware of assimilation. Fear the hive.

I doubt it, but really I just want to know why everyone else gets
capitals and I don't.

Did you mention in a fairly recent post that you do not put much faith
in fancy wires? I forgot your exact words, but George warned you of
becoming assimilated. As for the capitals, on the news reader that I
am using, your name comes out in lower case. I thought you preferred it
this way. Sorry, Paul. In the future, capitals only. Incidentally,
did you set your e-mail client to display your name in lower case?