The Line Between Reality and Delusion?

"John Atkinson" wrote

You really screwed-the-pooch when you professionally
disrespected him in your handling of the debate.

If you say so, Mr. Powell. But I am not sure how am
I am supposed to have disrespected Arny Krueger at
the HE 2005 debate. I am not attempting a flame, just
puzzled, is all.

My words were not said in anger.

To refresh your memory, you can find the recording of the
debate at
and my comments on it at

Yes, I have it on CD (debate).

In your stated business objective you wrote "If, after
having listened to the best that high-end audio has
to offer, both in the way of digital and analog playback,
Mr. Krueger still feels that the whole business is a fraud,
well at least that opinion will be based on exposure to it."

A sorry business plan overshadowed by poor implemented,
for starters.