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> >>>>> I don't give a rat's anus about the technical grounds.
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> >>>> Really? Why is it Jenn or whatever your real name is,
> >>>
> >>> Big mystery
> >>>
> >>>
> >>
> >> Well, thanks a lot, given that I stated that I didn't
> >> wish to reveal my full name for security.
> Hmm, paranoid too.

Not paranoid, Krueger, just cautious following a scary incident. Why do
you have trouble understanding that, and why is it important to you?
> > Well, you are kind of a public figure posting in a public
> > forum, why hide if that's your intent, regardless of
> > where you live?
> Did I say paranoid? Maybe its just excess feelings of grandiosity.

Why would you think that?
> > You told us you are a conductor, your name is Jenn(ifer),
> > and that you were a student of F. Fennell, you don't have
> > to be in the CIA to find out who you are.
> You cared about it more than I did Norman, but you clearly get points for
> attention to detail and persistence.
> > At any rate, the site is a couple of years out
> >> of date; I no longer work there, nor do I live in Reno.
> > Who gives *your* "rats anus" where in blazes you live?
> > Don't flatter yourself.
> Agreed.

Perhaps this is some kind of projection on your part. You and some
others seem to think that there is something "grandiose" or
"self-important" about me. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Why in heaven's name do you think such a thing?
> > Show up on my doorstep and my Rottweiler, security
> > system's monitoring (telephone line and radio
> > transmitter) station and Town Police will have you fat
> > ass out of here in no time flat.
> Actually, she might be interesting to meet in the flesh as it were.


> Interesting quote from
> "In addition, she completed coursework for a graduate conducting diploma at
> the University of Calgary."
> I gyess that means she didn't actually get the diploma.

That would be a correct "gyess". I didn't go back for the fourth summer
to take the comps because I had a chance to teach conducting all summer
with Maestro Fennell. You know, for all you know, I didn't go back to
Calgary because I was sick, or because of the death of a loved one, or
whatever. And yet you mention it, implying that there was something
"wrong" and I didn't get the diploma. Why would you think that? Do you
always make up things about people? I really don't understand your

Arny, I have no desire to try to "out nasty" you here. I don't read
this group for that reason. There are political groups where I post
where I'm afraid that I jump in with the "swine" and therefore get just
as dirty as my opponents, but I don't wish to do that here. I don't
know why you feel the need to pursue the path that you have with me, but
I do find it interesting.