Re: harassment by Brian L. McCarty; contact Baskin Robbins

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This cartridge is in very good condition with maybe a couple hundred
on it. The life span is 3000 to 5000 hours so this one is still a baby
a long way to go before stylus

Bluebook value, $42


"Bluebook values": worthless
And Brian L. McCarty=worthless, as he is the person responsible for the
harassing post.
McCarty, who posts here under various false IDs, is a pest on, where he accuses innocent sellers of various
misdeeds. He appears to be a pathological liar, with unknown motivations.

McCarty is the owner of websites, and, both of which have used fraudulent advertising
attempts to attract investors. Both have been unsuccessful.

McCarty is an American expatriate, originally from the Chicago area, then
where he worked as a sound mixer,
currently living in Cairns Australia, where he manages the Baskin-Robbins
ice cream franchise located at
Shop G6, 59 The Esplanade
Cairns QLD 4870
07 4051 4034

McCarty lives in the Coral Sands apartment complex at 65 Vasey Esplanade,
Trinity beach, a bit north of metropolitan Cairns.

Baskin-Robbins Australia may be contacted at
information@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

 goes to the Anonymous Tip Line web page for Upper Dublin
Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.