Re: Kay Lenz on The Closer

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Dear God...what plastic surgeon did that to her?  Good grief...she's not
even 60 yet.  What is wrong with these (once) beautiful women who think they
must look the same forever?  Truly sad...

Linda Hamilton isn't looking so good, either.

Scroll down about half way...

I suppose all of that smoking hasn't done either of them any good.


I think being out in the sun too much over the years has done most of
the damage to both of them.  

With Kay Lenz, she looks to me more like she's had a few too many
significant weight gains and losses.  After a while, the skin won't
snap back, resulting in a weird appearance.  And ya know, she's
pushing 60 years old.  These days, no one remembers what a 60-year-old
is supposed to look like.  She most likely had her lips and nose done,
but the rest of her face doesn't appear to me like too much plastic
surgery.  Give her a few more years, and she'll be on SS and Medicare
. . . what do people expect??

It's the *amount* of change, and whether it looks like what nature
did, or what the person tried to stop. Most of the older females
should just give up trying to look young. I know not *one* person,
irl, who has had a facelift or any cosmetic surgery that was not
medically necessary (meaning, the eyelid trim so the person could
actually see, because they couldn't open their eyes). It's horrific
when someone goes to a butcher and thinks they look better.

What drives me nuts about these conversations is that someone like
Linda Hamilton, who looks like you're supposed to when you're almost
55 years old and haven't had any work done, has people ragging on her.
AFAIK, she's always been close to the correct weight for her frame but
evidently has spent a lot of time in the sun.  So, she has some deep
smile/frown furrows, along with a few in her forehead.  Plus, she's
bi-polar, and meds can really screw up your skin.

I think LH is a lovely woman. She's had a tough time in her personal
life (rather like Kathleen Turner). I have no complaints with how
either of them looks.

Cher, Faye Dunaway, Sharon Stone (these days)... those women are
frightening in their looks. Nicole Kidman is heading there, as are
several other "too-young-to-be-needing-CM" actresses/actors.