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Is Hank always acting this stupidly?  Seriously.  Anyone in law
enforcement knows the first thing you do when you're waiting for a
warrant is CALL FOR BLOODY BACKUP!  Especially when there's someone
you suspect of dealing drugs inside the vehicle who may be armed.  One
he's been trying to find for a long, long time. If this was "real
life," (hell, or even Law&Order: Wild Wild West) there'd be five black
and white units in the junkyard before three minutes went by and the
junkyard owner might even be in cuffs, especially if he tried to give
them any backtalk.  Don't these writers watch "Cops?"  Or ANY cop show
for that matter.  It's just lame.

But, just like "Lost', the lead character can't actually be caught, so
Hank has to be stupid on purpose to make the plot work.  I guess I can
buy that because maybe Hank is SUPPOSED to be incredibly incompetent.
Has he always been written this way?  I dunno, I just started watching
the show a couple episodes ago. But pointing to this particular part
as an example of great writing isn't exactly encouraging.

That said, I did like the part of the scene INSIDE the RV.  And I can
certainly see how Cranston won his Emmys. They give him some really
good stuff to work with.

RWG (I'm intrigued enough to stick around for a few more episodes)

Except they are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All of the Law & Orders are in
NYC. You trip and a cop will catch ya. What few cops they have in that small
town are spread thin--and to be called in to sit on an RV that might have a
connection to Heisenberg, that's a bit slim.

"Small town?" Albuqueque? You've never actually BEEN there, have
you? I lived there for years. The cops are not "spread thin." No more
than they are in any other major American city. You want "illusion?"
The producers of Breaking Bad are obviously giving some viewers a
really horrible impression of the city if this is what you take away
from it...

The problem is the tv editing--on other shows. They give the illusion cops
show up instantly while downplaying the waiting. BREAKING BAD is known for
its ... deliberate ... pacing, stepping back, slowing down to show a lot of
stuff takes a while--and thus in trading off instant action all the time ....
they ratchet up the tension, the tension, the tension.

In this case, Hank was just being stupid because the plot demanded
it. I get that now from some of the replies. Just like LOST. And,
just like LOST, the fans come out of the woodwork to try and defend
it. Part of the value of these groups. All I ask is not to point to
this sequence as how the writing is that much BETTER than that of

It's the same damned thing, for pretty much the same reason. All
fiction does it.

RWG (it's called a "plot contrivance")

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