Re: “The Unusuals” – The Usual Grade

On Apr 8, 11:01 pm, WQ <WQi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A mish-mash of everything that ends up being a lot of nothing.  This
might’ve been an interesting cop show if it was only about Jeremy
Renner’s character in more focused cases, but who needs everybody else
in it and all the silly stuff?

Grade: 1 out of 10 – just for Renner and the Big Apple location.

I got on it a few minutes past its opening, so I don't know what it
was all about...couldn't make sense to me, where one detective is
standing on a subway track and train coming right at him, and the next
scene, he's like superman, nose to nose with the front of the
train..then there is that other 'kook', who seemed like he was ready
to hide a gun and badge in a hole of the wall,...confusing to say the

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