Local 'Feasty Boys' hoping to cook up a hit

[Just what we need -- more Guy Fierrini posers with a cooking show!]


Jon Mayer and Jim Stump are so excited about their new show that they
can taste it - literally.
That's the way things are with two men known as "The Feasty Boys." Their
cooking program that aired on the county's cable access show for eight
years is now being transformed on the Travel Channel as "The Feasty Boys
Eat America." The show premieres tonight at 8.

The original program allowed the men to use comedy as they whipped up
some dishes with common ingredients and the four b's: beer, butter,
bacon and better not forget the cheese. The new version will send the
men around the country to work with less common ingredients, such as
ostrich meat, bratwurst and green chile peppers.

The new show is part of a series of pilot episodes where the Travel
Channel will allow viewers to vote on the shows they like. The first
show will air tonight, with future episodes following on Jan. 16 and
subsequent Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

"Nobody cooks anymore; everyone is so dependent on the microwave and
fast food," said Mr. Mayer of Arnold. "I love cooking. I get more joy
out of cooking and have somebody tell me they enjoy it than eating it

In the years they've worked together, the pair have cooked alongside a
donkey and been guest chefs at a Japanese steakhouse. They have made
appearances on ESPN2's morning show, "Cold Pizza" and "Good Morning

They describe their own program as a combination of "Tool Time" - the
faux TV show that stemmed from "Home Improvement" - and "The Cooking

"I tell everyone we're like an old married couple," said Mr. Stump, who
grew up in the county, but now lives in Virginia. "I know him better
than my wife. We've spent the last 25 years together. I know what he's
thinking and he knows what I'm thinking, which isn't much, usually. He's
got the easier job."

Both men grew up in Anne Arundel County and Mr. Stump became friends
with Mr. Mayer after attending high school with his brother. Mr. Stump
and Mr. Mayer became best friends, both displaying an interest in food.
Their friends often called on them to cook for parties and tailgates.

In their spare time, they spent a lot of time watching sports, Spike TV,
and cooking shows. They decided to do their own venture, but wanted
their own program to be different than the cooking shows they saw on

"Sometimes, the cooking world tends to be a little hoity toity," Mr.
Stump said. "We wanted to let the rest of America know that you can make
a meatloaf and stew and chili and it's still considered good cooking."

With the new version of the program, the men are sent around the country
to develop their own recipes with various ingredients. Already, six
episodes have been shot. They were sent to Mexico to work with green
chile peppers; to Arizona, to cook up ostrich meat and ostrich eggs;
cranberries, deep-fried turkey and deep-fried prime rib in
Massachusetts; and bratwurst in Green Bay, Wis. They did a show in
Maryland where they featured the blue crab from Mike's Bar & Crabhouse
in Riva.

"It's been fun cooking with all the different foods," Mr. Mayer said.
"(But) cooking with crabs is the best."

Mr. Mayer works as a planner in the county's office of planning and
zoning and is a part-time manager at Davis' Pub in Eastport. It is there
where he tests some of his recipes. Customers are big fans of his soups
and his Guinness beef stroganoff, manager Kiyomi Endo said.

A gathering of family and friends will watch the program at the pub
tonight. Ms. Endo said she will have glossy photographs for Mr. Mayer to
sign and distribute.

"We're trying to make it a special night for (Mr. Mayer)," Ms. Endo
said. "He's a great person. We're glad his show got picked up on a
national network."
It is simply breathtaking to watch the glee and abandon with which
the liberal media and the Angry Left have been attempting to turn
our military victory in Iraq into a second Vietnam quagmire. Too bad
for them, it's failing.