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WGA comment

I really do not agree with writers getting money from dvd or the
Internet but that my opinion. That will just raise prices for dvds
and other forms.

Networks say some late-night hosts could return to work without violating guild strike rules:
while contracts vary, a performer writing for himself is covered
by a separate agreement with the American Federation of Television
and Radio Artists. A spokeswoman for the Writers Guild of America East
said hosts could not write any more material than they personally handled

The WGA comment does not make any sense. Wga can not limit what
talk show host can or can not write. The talk show host could
write a boat load of jokes. One talk show host is thinking of just
doing that, The talk show host do not belong to the WGA.

If the talk show host is listed among the writers of their show, they
are a member of the WGA. They have to be a member of the writers
union in order to be listed as a writer on their show. David
Letterman is a member of WGA and supported the writers in the last
strike in 1988. He was out for like six weeks before he got some kind
of waiver from the union to write his own shows. the WGA can limit what a talk show cost can write if the
host belongs to the union.

I think the person who was thinking of doing this was Jimmy Kimmel
unlike David I do not think his a member.

Jay Leno should do an 1/2 hour of headlines.

Or they could... gasp - make it a chat show! Talk to the guests. Just
get more guests.