Re: Fox 5 Closed Captions never show "never"

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I'm betting it's this new automated system they seem to be using. USA
misses almost ever number, and always misses every '4' -- on The 4400,
every time anybody SAYS 'the 4400' which is like every 2 minutes, you
get the dashes, or 'the --hundred' or something. The FOX system
probably isn't picking up the word 'never' for some reason.

Damn. Now you've made me launch a conspiracy theory. I'd never thought
about this, but why would these systems skip '4' and 'never'? I wonder
if it's cause they sound sort of like curse words, and the software is
tweaked to put in dashes if there's any doubt what it's saying.

If it's automated, then I have 2 additional problems. Since the
captions are added prior to the actual broadcast, I would think that if
there's some degree of inaccuracy invloved, someone would review it.
There "should" be some threshold built in that gets someone to notice
so many errors in one show.

You'd think, but since the 4400 gets the name of the show wrong dozens
of times an hour, I'd say there's not.

Secondly, I've also noticed that the actual spoken dialog sometimes
differes from the closed captions, so I have to assume these are built
from a script prior to the taping of the show where actors may alter
the dialog as they see fit. So if it comes from a script, probably
electronic in nature, there should be no conflict or doubt.

Conspiracy is my guess. I wonder what other words are excluded like

There are different methods of doing it, and, yes, sometimes they work
from scripts and you get the differences you noted.

google, google, google . .

aha! This is interesting. The BBC does in fact have an automated voice
recognition CC system, so they are out there. They have somebody
respeak all the lines though because it doesn't do as well with multiple