Re: Futuristic TV shows, how about language?

RichA wrote:
Should a TV show set in the future (Star Trek for e.g.) use a modified

Hey, I wish that more TV shows set in the *past* used the slang and colloquialisms of that era, instead of using today's modernisms that don't fit that era. Most of them don't do that either.

But yes, you would expect that new jargon and slang and colloquialisms would enter the futuristic vocabulary, many driven by technological innovation. Instead, all we get is the technobabble without the popular jargon that usually springs up around it: "Under the radar," "surfing the Internet," "chat," have all become popular phrases in the last 20 years.

The TV miniseries "Brave New World" (1980), based on the Aldous Huxley novel, did some of that.

Mostly it's been science fiction movies that have invented new jargon, most notably "A Clockwork Orange."

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