Re: Enough of Sharon - Put her away!!!

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Are you sure?? When Diane went into Adam's room (after he scurried out
to meet the computer dude about the memory card)...she found his
laptop open and he had previously been trying to analyze the memory
cards. That's why I figured it had to be that guy's contact info on
his screen which is how Diane found it and immediately made contact
with the guy. When she met up with the guy at Gloworm they were
talking about video footage, the ambulance, and Adam. The only way
Diane was able to make contact with this guy was from whatever was on
Adam's computer screen when he left Diane in his room earlier and I
thought he was looking at memory cards for Sharon.

Diane went to Adam's email contacts and saw the name 'gingerman', which
intrigued her, so she went to his website and saw that he was a
freelance paparazzi. The photo guy was connected to Adam via Phyllis,
who gave him the contact after she gave up on the memory cards. If
anything, Phyllis may ask her contact about the cards and find that Adam

Ahhh...ok, that makes more sense. I had it all wrong then. When that
scene initially aired, I was confused because I thought they were
different people but I figured they were the same after Diane snuk a
peak at Adam's computer. Thx for clarifying.

Dave - Toronto

I think it was Diane's sneek peak at Adam's laptop that had me