Re: Y&R What do you think of Phyllis

Shirl <Xmnushal8y@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: I was not saying that viewers don't enjoy seeing someone overhear
: something they shouldn't. The objection was that there was NO REASON for
: Sharon to run to Brad just to announce that she was going to have
: trouble spending the night with Jack in the same place as she spent the
: night with him. It made ZERO sense, except for the purpose of furthering
: the plot -- C - O - N - T - R - I - V - E - D.

I actually disagree. I think it made perfect sense that sharon would
confide in brad. It makes perfect sense that she would mention her dilemma
to brad (since he was right there at the same restaurant.

The part that makes no sense to me is that she said, "i can't stay with
jack at the same hotel where WE HAD SEX". I just don't get why she would
blurt out that info in public. Maybe behind closed doors. But it would
have seemed more credible to me if she had just mentioned the name of the