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elizabeth is no twit. she may have different views than i do, but you
should read her bio on
the movie database., very interesting.


Am I embarrassed and hope EH does not read ratsc. She did a segment on
celiac disease today and I emailed her about the diet I follow for it.


One thing I'm grateful to Elizabeth H. for is her mention (or rather
Rosie's mention of her illness) on The View, and why she doesn't eat
during those food segments. She led me to my own diagnosis of celiac
disease and I e-mailed her to tell her so. I'm glad she shared that
bit of personal info with her audience even if I usually don't agree
with her politics.


How do you eat cupcakes if you have celiac sprue (am I saying it

On my celiac diet we have marvelpus cupcalkes made with nut glour
instead of grain.

I have a brownie mix that is gluten-free that I want to try soon,
maybe this weekend.

BTW- Karen is also "spuds," and I don't know about karen but potatoes
are also off limits on the diet i follow as they contain
disaccharidestarch that is hard to digest.

I have to really and truly settle down to a gluten-free lifestyle and
stop trying everything gluten-free that comes my way. This is all
still very new, so I'm still in the experimental stages of food

You would hate living in my neighborhood. An all-cupcake restaurant
opened in December, and it is literally my closest eating