Re: The Skyriffers

On Mar 3, 11:18 pm, nebu...@xxxxxxxxx (Joseph Nebus) wrote:
CROW:   Hi, Kids, it's me, Petey Plane!  Hyuh-heh!  
MIKE:   I've got a cold, but it's okay.  Do you know The Petey Plane Song?  
TOM:    o/` It's Petey Plane!  It's Petey Plane! o/`
CROW:   [ As the pilot ] Ah, shut up and taxi, Petey Plane.
TOM:    But -- but -- but the kids!
CROW:   [ The pilot ] Shut up.
TOM:    Send your postcards to me, Petey Plane, care of this station!  

MIKE:   Petey saved us again, Joe.
CROW:   C'mon, boys, Petey's waiting for us back at the hangar.  

                                                                Joseph Nebus
MIKE:   Hi, I'm Petey's Dad.  With Petey off on another adventure
        I'll keep my eye out for Communism!  

Mike: They've achieved perfect Hugo, Minnesota.

Crow: Someone with Attention Deficit Disorder edited this film.

Tom: Ah, she's setting up for a séance.
Crow: They're going to invoke the spirit of the continuity man.

Mike: Look over there--it's the dark Grandma of Death!

Mike: Oh heavens, we'd better leave, Earl--I put the Black Curse of
Loki on them.

Tom: Ever since he went to the barter system, things have been *great!

(3 days in a row, you've picked an episode I've reviewed. What are
the odds? *grin*)