edi troubadour plus manual posted

Had a great experience recently. A lighting supply company gave me a
old edi troubadour plus lighting board 2 scene 48 channel memory desk.
It wouldnt power on. I traced the problem to a capacitor on the power
board and it fired up. I was a little discouraged at first beacuse i
couldnt get dmx out of it, but after some careful reading in the
manual i discovered that this board default patched to "0" so a unity
patch had to be executed first in the software. It works like a
dream-- even the disk drive. I wondered how many of these had been
discarded or put away because this isnt obvious to the user. Anyway--
it is a remarkable board especially considering the date in the rom
was late '89. Just need a cga monitor and a serial printer. It must
have been something in its day.

Here is a post of the manual in case anyone needs it.....