Re: A couple of [apparently] British Operetta/MT stars of the '60s

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I'm not sure about Ed Ames, but I know Howard Keel played Arthur (with
a young Jon Voight as Mordred.) Earl Wrightson was the first Arthur I
saw. I liked him better than Harris,- Hide quoted text -

ALL these Arthurs must have been a joy to watch - and hear!!

LT, trying to envision Voight, even young, as Mordie!  He seemed more
of a blonde Lancelot, in my 'casting judgment'.

Oh... but that's an absolutely interesting way to play the role, as
long as you have an actor with the chops to play the sewer of a mind
that's under the pretty exterior.

Voight certainly has that ability!

That portrayal, no doubt memorable, has got to have been worlds apart
from the oily, slithering, reptilian styles of both Hemmings (in the
film) and the original, McDowell.

- Yet *another* sort of Mordred, totally different from all the
abovementioned, was Murvyn Vye's, in one of the filmed epics of the
Arthurian legend.

*IIRC, Brian Aherne was (fittingly) cast as the King, with the then
husband-wife team of Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace as Lancelot and

Vye, many will recall, was usually cast as menacing, burly villains,
the original 'Jigger Craigin' of Carousel, and the uncharacteristic
'good guy'-Chief of the Gypsies', 'Zoltan', in 'Golden Earrings',
featuring his magnificently eerie basso-profundo voice in the title

*noting that the film with Mr. Vye MAY have the one with Robert Taylor
as Lancelot(?).