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The Shadows of the Apt world divides its population into the Apt
(can understand and use machines, hopeless with magic) and their
former masters, the Inapt (can understand and use magic, can't
work even simple machines). The Apt tend to be peculiarly skeptical
about magic, given that it was used to rule them until about 500
years ago when an Apt invented the crossbow, while the Inapt have
to admit machines exist but can't even learn to - and this is
an actual example - open doors.

This is a cat metaphor, isn't it.

Cats learn to open doors, at least some cats. My aunt's cats even cooperate
- one of them jumps onto the doorhandle and pulls it with his weight, while
the other pushes the door.

A friend of mine had a cat who could open doors, it just didn't want
to. When it wanted to leave a room, it'd stand at the door looking over
its shoulder at my friend expectantly. If that didn't produce results
in a couple of minutes, it'd jump at the handle and pull it down, and
then pull the door open.


Juho Julkunen