Re: Fantasy Books.

Jacey Bedford <lookinsig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Chuk Goodin <cgoodin@xxxxxx> writes
"Un Lun Dun" was really good -- almost like a modern Alice in Wonderland.

I'm trying to read it now but at 120 pages and counting I really haven't
engaged with the characters. (And it's a long book 400+ pages.) Though
the ideas are quirky there's not enough to grab me yet.

Have you...

It's just a trip
through a surreal landscape with wandering bridges, rooftops at ground
level and houses made out of dead fridges; peopled with Ninja dustbins,
heroic bus conductors and broken brollies. They've just got back home
after the smog attack and Deeba has just twigged that something is
wrong, so I'm hoping it bucks up a bit from here, otherwise I'm in
danger of not finishing it.

....okay, you're just about to get to the Reveal; you might want to keep going
at least until Un Lun Dun is the setting again.

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