Re: Scalzi versus Capobianco: Who? Will? Win?

James Nicoll <jdnicoll@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The problems as I see it with Scalzi's campaign are two-fold:

1: He's probably left it too late.

2: I get whiffs of conservativism (In the negative I-refuse-to-adapt sense*)
off SFWA. Do the members really want change?

I thought it was interesting that when Robin Bailey rattled off a list of

"Brian Aldiss, Harry Harrison, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle,
Harlan Ellison, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Jean M. Auel. Peter Beagle,
Greg Benford, James Gunn, Terry Bisson, Michael Bishop, Norman Spinrad,
Ben Bova, Ray Bradbury, David Brin, Terry Brooks, Lois McMaster Bujold,
C.J. Cherryh, Chris Claremont, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Laurel Hamilton,
George R.R. Martin, Philip Jose Farmer, Gene Wolfe, Alan Dean Foster,
Harry Turtledove, David Gerrold, Martin H. Greenberg, Joe Haldeman,
Kevin Anderson, Brian Herbert, Nancy Kress, Mercedes Lackey, Robert
Sawyer, Frank Robinson, Julian May, Frederick Pohl, Mike Resnick, Fred
Saberhagen, Robert Silverberg, Jack Vance, and Jane Yolen."

it trended towards the, hrm, mature. Who are the kids on that
list, Hamilton and Sawyer?

I don't know the context of the list, but is it possible that Bailey
selected for prestige/recognizability, which has correlation with