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Mox Fulder wrote:

I don't think I liked having so mutants killed off, but then I liked the

btw, I meant to say "so many mutants"

endings (just before and just after the final credits).

I agree. I think you-know-who that Phoenix kills should've survived and

That death wasn't entirely clear at the time, so it wasn't as shocking as
it might have been. There was barely any time to mention it later, so it
just felt out of place to me.

that other person later on too. Maybe the first character could've come
back later on... I would've liked that. As it was, the deaths seemed
like a cheap attempt to increase the drama. Also, it didn't seem like

At least one of those deaths was quite obvious from the previews. You can
easily see who is *not* present at the funeral. I did not expect to see
it until the end of the movie, though.

Killing or neutralizing so many of the main characters certainly could
give you the sense than no one is safe and anything can happen, but
getting rid of so many of them, and not having time to process the loss,
where's the drama?

they totally exploited all of the story's potential that they could've.
I still like X2 best of the series...

That was pretty good.

t.k. (I did see the after credits part too. Good ending--but if there's
not supposed to be a future movie, why bother?)

Who's in a rush to kill it? It's far from exhausted.

I hope you all stayed until after the credits to see the one brief
scene that indicated that not everyone who "died" during the film is
actually dead. (Plus the "cure" isn't permanent)

Plus, on Skiffy channel the thursday prior to the release, Hugh
Jackman made mention of a fourth movie already in pre-production or
pre-something (he's seen a script or something), and that it's a
prequel and focuses on Wolverine (I'm hoping it's an origin story that
dovetails with the new comic series "Wolverine: Origins" that I'm
reading now)