Re: Atheists: America's most distrusted minority

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If such a scripture-based individual were to tell me I'm going to hell for
my beliefs and said it with concern not condemnation in their voice, I'd
touched. If I'm not, there's something wrong with *me*.

Too often it's said with condemnation, too often we fall to the dark urge
condemn back.

Indeed - and well-said.

Several years ago, in a fit of ecumenism (is that a word?) Lutherans
and others were in talks with Roman Catholics searching for common
ground, as it were. When the RC's were asked about their beliefs on
just this topic, their answer was something like, using the analogy of
a shipwreck and making it to safety, everyone has a chance to make it
to shore. It's just that they felt they had the lifeboats...

Most flavors of christian do.

True, but my point was that the Roman Catholics do not preclude a
non-believer making into Heaven...


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