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Even better, albeit less amusing, is Zathras' reconciliation of
various dropped plot threads and bits of confusion over who is "The
One," by drawing on the Minbari society the show has created. I
can't really say it any better, so I'll just transcribe the speech

"All Minbari believe is a round three. Three castes: worker,
warrior, religious. Three languages: Light, Dark, Grey. The Nine
of the Grey Council: Three times three. All is three... as you are
three. As you are one. As you are 'The One.' You are the one
who was, you are the one who is, and you are the one who will
be. You are the beginning of the story, and the middle of the
story, and the end of the story that creates the next, great story."<<

I'm working purely from memory here (I don't feel like checking the DVDs),
but I think it's "All Minbari belief is around three."

And, while you're correct that there should be a colon between "Three castes"
and "worker, warrior, religious," I don't think there's one between the next
bit. I think it's "Three languages." Then the next thought is "Light, dark,
grey." Then the next thought. And so on.


Grabbing an easy chance to play 'script mistress' since Volume 7 coming out next
week will have this episode:

(Yellow Revisions 1/22/96 - page 43)


All Minbari belief is around Three: three castes--worker, warrior and
religious; three languages--light, dark and grey; the nine of the Grey Council,
three times three; all is three. As you are you are you are
The One. (MORE)

(Blue Revisions 1/17/96 - page 44)

(to Sinclair)
You are the One who was.
(to Delenn)
You are the One who is.
(to Sheridan)
You are the one who will be.

Give this a moment to sink in, then he continues:

[The next sentence in the script isn't in the final cut of the episode so I'll
let the folks buying the books find it themselves as it seems to be a teensy bit
of a spoiler for a character never seen...yet.]


We are the voice of the universe, the soul of creation,
The fire that will light the way to a better future.
We are One.
IA Declaration of Principles
(J. Michael Straczynski)