Re: Original, Original "Star Wars" Trilogy Finally Coming to DVD

On Sun, 7 May 2006 02:42:36 -0400, Joseph DeMartino wrote
(in article <1146958812.932009.241680@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):

Can't believe there hasn't been a thread on this topic over here:

George Lucas has finally caved and announced the "There! I hope you're
happy. Now leave me the **** alone" edition of the first three films
released in his fabled "Star Wars" series. <<

Joe, how much do you know about this side of it? What I'd heard was that it
was being done without his sanction - that Fox was just going ahead and
saying "To hell with him." I assumed maybe he doesn't have the studio clout
he used to have, and they figured they ought to take advantage of that while
they could.

I'd love to have them, but I have to decide whether it's worth the $90
investment ($30 per film).