Re: What kinds of people would leave the solar system?

Remus Shepherd <remus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And my aphorism for behavior is, "Extreme experiences create
extreme deviancy." The stranger your experiences, the further from
human norm your behavior and personality deviates. Eventually you
jump completely off the standard human behavior track onto something
new. Someone who has the experiences you outline above will not
think or act like a human being.

I don't really see this one. I know plenty of people who act extremely
strangely despite having essentially no experiences outside the norm, and
people who act very much what I would consider "normal" despite a lot of
really unusual and interesting experiences.

This is why I have a problem enjoying Charlie Stross's stories.
His characters are too unbelievably human, for all their bizarre
post-human experiences.

And again I hold the opposite view. It seems to me that people act like
people no matter what. The modern day is effectively beyond the
singularity for, say, a prehistoric human. And despite how weird our world
would be to them, we're still noble and venal and smart and stupid and
loving and hateful in pretty much the same ways they were.

Mike Ash
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