Re: In support of Keith

On 11/15/2011 10:19 PM, rkshullat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Keith F. Lynch<kfl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
David Dyer-Bennet<dd-b@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Keith F. Lynch"<kfl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
David Dyer-Bennet<dd-b@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Winning two hundred million dollars would completely and totally
change my entire existence, in lots and lots of different ways, ...

Would you continue to post here?

Quite likely; this isn't just something I do to fill time where I
can't afford any better amusement, it's actively nice to keep in
touch with the people here.

I suppose if I became wealthy I could keep doing pretty much what I do
now. And some of the people I think of as regular folks might really
be secret millionaires.

I've known some...they had no distinguishing marks. They didn't drive
solid gold cars or light cigars with $100 bills. They were just people
who had houses that were a bit (sometimes more than a bit) nicer, drove
cars that were a bit nicer (but not always), generally flew first class
and stayed in nicer hotels. But they wore old blue jeans and boots and
drove old jeeps and station wagons when they went hunting. No fancy
clothes or bearers.

I knew one that lived in the house he grew up in, drove a car a few years old that he was bad about keeping up, didn't buy expensive clothes, and had his own jet. Everybody has to have some toys.


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