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I wonder what's next? The Campaign for Real Cheese?

I think we had that a few years ago. Cheese readily available in the
shops is made with pasteurised milk, and purists reckon that spoils the
flavour. I remember an episode of the sitcom Chef (which the IMDb tells
me ran from 1993-96) where the chef was trying to find a source of cheese
made with unpasteurised milk.

He failed, I hope. Raw milk CAN KILL YOU.

That doesn't come across as precisely a balanced account. In particular,
it says nothing at all about certified raw milk--raw milk produced under
conditions designed to prevent infection. For all I can tell from the
article, it might be responsible for no disease at all. It's easy to
make any view sound nutty if you get to select which defenders you quote
and what you quote from them.

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