Re: Actual STFnal event taking place Sunday AM - Hayabusa

On Sun, 13 Jun 2010 09:58:01 -0400, Kip Williams
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Cryptoengineer wrote:
After a 7 year mission, the Japanese space probe Hayabusa should be
returning to Earth tomorrow morning, around 9:50 AM EDT. 5 years ago,
it had a close encounter with an asteroid, and may have managed to
collect some material from it.

Hayabusa suffered numerous system failures while and after
encountering Itokawa, and has spent 5 years limping home, which
required a level of ingenuity and repurposing of systems comparable to
the Apollo 13 rescue.

Tomorrow morning (EDT, its late at night in Australia) the sample
return capsule should reenter over Woomera.

Thanks for the tip-off! Hayabusa. The first Google matches were
motorcycles. Named after the probe? Made by the same family? I'll read
more after I get through my morning Usenettery.

Japanese for Falcon, as I understand it. Whether there is a
connection, I don't know.

The only live feeds I can find are in japanese, which I don't read -
except for one tweet that the capsule had separated from the main
probe successfully.

Ah well, all may become clear later :-)

Alan Woodford
The Greying Lensman!

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